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Secrets to Great Family Portraits In wedding photography, we cover nearly all genres of photography.  That's why when someone asks me for macro work, I'm ready - we take shots of the rings and the shoes and the bouquet.  What if someone calls me for family portraits?  Well we take group shots as well and candid shots, so yes, available as well.  What about maternity and infant?  Well after couples get married, they need those as well - so yes, would you like it in studio or outdoors?  Event photography?  That's what half of the wedding is.

Secrets to Great Family Portraits Outdoors


1) Positive attitude

I did a recent shoot of this wonderful couple by the bluffs.  It was a wonderful experience.  They had the #1 thing that creates a great family photo - attitude.  In photoshoots outdoors with kids, you need to always have a positive attitude - and that's exactly what we did.  Aside from knowing your shutter speed, aperture, ISO and what lighting setup you need - whether back lite, front lite, side lite or a combination of both, you need to have a positive working attitude because people are sensitive on what's going on internally.  Using the Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC on a D810

2) Go with the flow

1 year olds are adorable.  It's hard to go wrong shooting them.  Just set the composition and wait for a wonderful moment to happen.  In this case, I back lite him and mom and dad cooperated in getting our little cutie to look into the camera.  Yes, he has drool on his face, but he also has an adorable innocent stare that is to die for.  Go with the flow.

3) Have the right accessories!

This was a tricky shot because to get the color of the clouds in the background, we need to expose for the background.  But what happens is that we get clipping in the front, so you expose for the background and then use an off camera flash - but not only that - you need to do an ND filter since it's bright sunlight.  I would need either HSS or an ND filter - in this case an ND filter was used, specifically a singh-ray variable nd (neutral density filter).  A beautiful candid family moment captured. This one is shot with the Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 VR II on the D750.

4) Have a wide selection of lenses to give a full spectrum of product and services

I love this shot because although you can't see their face, you can appreciate the view.  Most of the time we take pictures and we look at our phones or point and shoots or DSLR's or mirrorless camera's and we just can't appreciate it as much as the human eye can.  In order to create a shot like this, we need to replicate the horizontal and vertical range of the human eye.   If you know your gear well you'll know to go with an ultra wide angle.  You could use a fish-eye but I prefer using the 14-24mm 2.8 Nikkor lens because I don't have to deal with barrel distortion.

5) Know how to use your equipment

I wouldn't be able to get this shot if I didn't know how far exactly to place the wife and the husband and which f-stop to use.  This is a beautiful and happy family, but if I'm fumbling with my camera and have to think twice about my settings, then I'm going to lose the moment.  Mommy with a beautiful smile and dad and son playing are going to last for about 30 seconds and then your back to posing for the pictures.  These moments are invaluable and are some of the photos that will keep the family together through tough times.  Know your equipment, it will help you capture timeless moments and your clients will love you for it. This final shot was with the 70-200mm 2.8 Nikkor on the Nikon D810.


About the author:

As long as he can remember, Vince Revo always had a camera in his hand.  Whether it was a Sony Camcorder or a Canon point and shoot eventually moving up to professional SLR's and Film.  Now using the latest in DSLR and DSLM technology with the fastest lenses available today, he's ready to provide the best possible service with stellar quality.
A passion brews within his heart to capture timeless moments that his clients can cherish forever.  A top graduate of the New York Film Academy, Vince loves what he does.  Whatever your vision, whatever your dream, he can put it on the screen.
As a former personal development coach, body language expert, film and theater actor and model, Vince takes his expertise in these fields and is able to guide those who are not regularly in front of the camera on a day to day basis.  Bringing in creative ideas allows him to create masterpieces in any situation, rain or shine, light or dark.
Vince is Married to the love of his life, Catherine and together with their "little champ" Cosgrove, they work as a team, from the pre-production to the post-production.
He finds his strength and joy in his personal Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.  With inspiration from the heaven's, you're in for a vibrant and uplifting experience.
Vince specializes in 4 areas of photography:
1) Wedding Photography in Toronto
2) Headshots Photography in North York
3) Family Portraits (maternity & infant included)
4) Product Photography in Toronto
Vince also trains photographers and videographers on achieving the best results for their clients.
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Aperture - the difference between 1.4 and 2.8 In wedding photography in Toronto, we cover nearly all genres of photography.  That's why when someone asks me for macro work, I'm ready - we take shots of the rings and the shoes and the bouquet.  What if someone calls me for family portraits?  Well we take group shots as well and candid shots, so yes, available as well.  What about maternity and infant?  Well after couples get married, they need those as well - so yes, would you like it in studio or outdoors?  Event photography?  That's what half of the wedding is.

A lot of people who are getting into photography think that a 1.4 is better than 2.8.  That's usually because when you get into full size sensors or pro grade DSLR's or mirrorless, you now have a new found power to blur the background.  The more blurry the background the better.  Or is it?  Not always.  And at an f-stop of 1.4, you have such a thin depth of field that it can be rather difficult to get proper focus.

This picture was taken at 1.4 with the 50mm Sigma Art 1.4 lens.  For me it's beautiful, it's my son and for all other purposes I love the creamy background that the 1.4 gives, but this close up you're getting a bit of distortion which isn't always flattering.  Others won't like the fact that the ears are no longer in focus.  The razor thin depth of field with the 1.4 keeps the eyes in focus, but nothing else.  Some like this effect and others don't.  It all depends on taste and for what purpose you're using such a fast lens for.

In situations where you're caught with  low light, it's great because you can get that extra shutter speed in to freeze shots and let in more light with 1.4, but when you have plenty of light and want the whole face in focus, I prefer using an aperture of 2.8.

This shot is my son during his avocado and cereal meal.

This is taken at ISO 640 at 2.8 1/100sec @ 300mm on my 120-300mm 2.8 Sigma Lens.  I love the compression at 300mm and the background is also screaming, but the face renders very nicely.  I love using my 70-200 2.8 nikkor VR II as well, and weighing in at double of that the 120-300mm isn't the most convenient lens to be lugging around.  I actually bring my luggage when I use that lens.

It all comes down on personal preference.  I love the 1.4, but mostly when the light gets low and I need those extra stops of light to get clean shots with lower ISO.  When using the D750 or the D810 however, you can go to high ISO and still get usable shots.

At the end of the day I love the 1.4 it's my son's pre-avocado face and the 2.8 is my son's post-avocado face and they're beautiful just the same.

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Ambient Light For the Win As a wedding photographer in Toronto and often doing portrait work such as headshots, family portraits, maternity, infant and corporate photoshoots, I'm always looking for ambient light.

Interior designers know the power that ambient light can create in determining the mood of a room.  It's not different from a photo.  Whenever I run into light that is unique, it's a must have for me.

This shot was done at Niagara Falls at night.  The spot lights behind them was used to light up the photo and then afterwards I used the light as front light, it created a great mood to the shots.

What's important is to be able to tell the story.  This couple had been changing in and out of dresses and shirts and I knew how Important it was to capture what they were wearing. It was also their first time to Niagara falls and to remember this moment is key.  There were very little cars on the road since it was closer to midnight and the moisture and splash from the falls created a slight reflection on the ground which bounced the spot lights nicely.

Being conscious of these moments gives you a great feeling after a shoot.  This moment happened once and to be able to capture it is simply magical.

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Photography - Open for business As a wedding photographer in Toronto, I do it all.  Product shots, portraits, family portraits, infants, landscape, macro shots.  The wedding encompasses all the skills of photography and you need all the equipment to back you up.

The prelude to the wedding is the engagement shoots.  While still finding a way to be creative, get your ISO right, your F-stop right, your shutter speed right and at the same time getting the couple to be as relaxed as they can be.  This is not an easy task, but I'm always up for the challenge.

There's so many awesome pictures to choose from, but I usually cut it down to about 100 and then out of that I have my top 10.  I like moments that are real, but I also like moments that are photographically well executed.  The right lens was being used with the right settings at the right time to capture the perfect moment.

This was one of those moments. Not because it was staged or it's technically perfect, but it was completely natural.  I just went inside, told them to sit beside each other and hug, and from there, the love just took over.  The window from this cafe wasn't a normal window, it was on a diagonal slant, which made the reflection not straight out, but to the ground.  The gravel gave an interesting effect to the shot and the old lady in the background walking by gives a sense of how short life is.  There's foreground, there's a background, there's the window effect, the focus is right on and the exposure value was just right.

Isabella and Scott are a lovely couple who are madly in love.  Even after years of being together, you can see that familiarity has not stolen away the magic.  What I needed to do was to spark it.  This is where the acting and modelling from my past comes in to rescue the day.  All by God's grace, we had a wonderful experience.

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The wonder of 2.8 at 200mm A couple months ago I got my hands on the 70-200mm 2.8 VR II and I've never looked back since.  It's an expensive piece of glass and quite heavy, but it's well worth it when you want to capture moments like these.

The great thing about this lens is the compression it gives you whenever you're able to go outdoors.  You can control the background unlike any other lens in it's class.  The only challenge is trying to give directions to your models from so far away, but in this case, I wasn't shouting any directions.

For this shoot we went to Niagara Falls with some close friends who had family from Asia visit.  We took photos of the entire family and the husband and wife to be.  Going to several different locations, we enjoyed the breathtaking sights.

If you have a chance to rent out or buy the 70-200mm vr II, I highly recommend this lens.  It's not cheap by any means, but I would say a good 40% of my favorite photos are shot with this lens in particular.

Vince does commercial wedding photography/videography, specializes in family portraits, headshots, maternity and infant photography and is based in North York, Ontario and covers the Toronto area.

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Going with the flow As a commercial photographer that covers wedding photography, family portrait photography, headshots, maternity and infant shoots and product shots in North York and Toronto, there's a certain level of professionalism that one needs to maintain.

We did a photo session with Arham, it was his first professional photoshoot and understandably he was probably wondering what on earth was going on.  There were times when he would cry on end and we simply we need to capture some of those moments and then allow him to calm down.

Each and every photograph will capture every nuance that's happening in someone's face and body language.  Not only will it do that to babies, it will do it to us adults as well.  The photograph cannot and will not lie.

As a photographer, you need to put your clients/models in a comfortable and confident state of mind.  That is up to you.  You have that control.  You do it through encouragement, through sincere compliments, to making them feel comfortable with you.  That is the photographers responsibility.

We were able to get Arham nice and comfortable and he looked straight into the camera for this shot.

I have a passion for capturing beautiful moments and we have many more after they're processed in the editing room.

So remember...go with the flow :) and sometimes, more often than you know. You'll have to create it.


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Leading Lines During wedding photography, family photography, intimate photography, couples photography or even infant or newborn photography I'm always looking for lines.

About the only time I'm not looking for lines is headshot photography.  With headshots, you don't want a composition that's too busy.

This picture of my son was shot with a 50mm 1.8 (not the sharpest or best prime in my tool bag, but it did the job).  Notice all the lines here.  There's leading lines going from both sides of his head.  The pillow has lines zig zagging to his face. There's the line of his shoot that's pulling your attention to the right side of his face.  Then there's the lines in the background that's not completely in focus, but gives a theme to the overall picture.

This was a quick shot, but it turned out to be one of my favorites because of how the viewers attention goes straight to the subject.


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The beauty of the foreground When shooting wedding photography here in Toronto, I'm always looking for foreground shot.

It gives an entirely new perspective in the situation.  It adds depth and it adds dimension.  If I'm taking headshots, it's rare that I'll use foreground unless it's for creative purposes.  You want the least amount of distractions for headshots.  For product photography, I want the product at the center and the attention going straight there.  I'll use different backgrounds, but it's rare to use any type of foregrounds unless it's another product in the same product line.

But when it comes to intimate shots, couples shoots, wedding photography or family photos, adding foreground can change the shot.


This picture was shot at a couples night for a local church.  Using the lights created a heart shaped foreground bokeh that turned out to my liking.

For this picture, the foreground is actually framing my model.  In this case a girl that I was photographing for children's photoshoot.

So if you see me out there and I'm going in front of a fence or tree or getting low to get some foreground, I'm looking for the beauty of the foreground.


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Confessions of a Headshot Photographer in North York, Toronto As a headshot photography here in North York (Toronto), I'm always challenged with new faces coming in the studio wanting to look their best.  Every one is looking for a great deal and professional headshots and it really annoys me when someone calls and says "someone is doing a headshot for $25, can you do it for that?" I don't know what equipment that person is using and how much time they spend in post-production to carefully make you look your best, but my guess is zilch.

In Toronto, headshot prices range anywhere from $250-$750, that's the base price, it can go higher depending on the type of equipment that being used and the skill level of the photographer. Some come in for corporate headshots that they use for linked in or realtors that use it for their real estate cards, or actors for their 8x10 and models for their setcards.  Whatever the case, they're used to enhance your work profile or help you land more work.  Why not invest in the best to get the best?

Taking a headshot is an art.  You need to be able to bring out the absolute best in someone.  If someone is facing me that's overweight, I need to know how to position my camera, which lens to use and how to position my model in order to get the most flattering shot.  If someone is too thin, I need to do the same.  Most people getting headshots aren't actors or models who are comfortable in front of the camera, so as a photographer, you need to have some level of expertise on body language and high emotional intelligence to build that up.

A headshot isn't just a picture, it's a story.  You can tell (or assume) so much about a person from one single shot.  That's why it's important to find a good headshot photographer.  If you're out there looking for a deal, think about amateur headshot may not get you work.  You'll be out for a job for months on end and was it really worth the $150 dollars you saved?  But when you get one done by a good photographer, you know that it'll be a tool in your arsenal to land you a better job.  Your headshot will scream professional, confident, hire-me-over-the-competition and the initial investment you made for your headshots will have it's return within days of working.

Taking headshots is an art.  As an artist, you're always looking to get the best perspective to bring out the best in people.

Invest wisely.

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Whatever it takes

As a wedding photographer in Toronto you want the best shots and sometimes that means taking risks.  Getting that best shot doesn't just mean having the right equipment and knowing how to utilize it to it's technological capacity, but may also mean getting uncomfortable.

To fast-paced shoots like wedding, I sometimes wear knee pads because I want to be able to get on the ground as fast as I can to get a different angle.  I'll look for places to climb so I can get high angle shots.  If not, I'll use ultra wide angle lenses to get a 7-foot perspective.

I took this self-portrait when I happen to be driving with by a blue motel and I realized I was also wearing blue.

Getting the perfect shot sometimes means taking a lot of shots.  I took about 100 pictures here and I had 3-5 that I really liked, from there, I narrowed it down even more.

We live in the digital age now and it doesn't cost anymore to take more pictures, so why not?

Getting that perfect shot.

Whatever it takes.

Until next time :)

God bless!


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Wedding Shoot at a beautiful Cathedral

Just another day as a wedding photographer in Toronto and this time getting to shoot at a beautiful church.

I always enjoy great architecture.  One of the benefits of shooting weddings is that you get to see so many happy moments in beautiful places.

Grateful for this experience.  Was a lot of ground to cover, but getting that shot was worth it.

Got to test out my Sigma 120-300 2.8 and ended up with some really beautiful shots even from at the back of the enormous Cathedral.  Some photographers will say that gear doesn't matter, but I say it's a balance.  Yes creativity matters, but you can't do with a kit lens what you can do with a 70-200mm 2.8 VR II.

That's why I try and stay updated with the latest equipment out there.  You can't buy creativity, but quality, you can definitely invest in.  Maybe you don't need it when you first start out, but to get the best for your clients, it'll be worth it get pro level gear.

Until next time, happy shooting!




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